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Jordan Brand puts #RE2PECTABOVEALL, Induct 7 of Chicago's Community Leaders Into “Champs Sports

Chicago Native Jabari Parker

In Chicago respect is earned not given.

Putting respect above all is in our DNA.

So as Jordan kicks off their #Re2pectAboveAll campaign which honors legend Derek Jeter and his respect for the game on and off the field, it is only right that they forward the moement by honoring some of our community leaders that embody Jordan’s message of “RE2PECT”. Along with Champs, Jordan brand honored 7 local positive community figures that have the respect of the entire city by inducting them into the “Champs Sports Wall of Champions”.

Aleta Clark- Founder of Hugs No Slugs

Andrew Barber-Founder of Fakeshoredrive

Monica Haslip- Founder of Little Black Pearl/Jordan WINGS Initiative

Kevin Coval- Founder of Louder Than A Bomb/Young Chicago Authors

Justin Johnson-Founder of ‘Kicks For The City’

Jabari Parker- Former Simeon Wolverine and Milwaukee Bucks Forward

Sonny Parker- Chicago Basketball Legend/ Founder Sonny Parker Foundation

They spoke on what it took to gain “Re2pect” in their respective fields and what the word truly meant to them. ‘“The initial RE2PECT campaign was inspiring and I’m excited to see how that iconic moment has evolved into a mindset shared by me and the entire Jordan Brand family. The people being honored today truly represent what it means to put RE2PECT Above All, which is what I aspire to do on and off the court,” said Former Simeon Wolverine and Milwaukee Bucks Forward Jabari Parker.

Jabari's father and fellow Chicago basketball legend, Sonny Parker spoke on some of his earliest role models that earned his respect " Respect was always big to me. Bishop Don Magic Juan was one of my earliest influences that taught me that respect is earned not given," Sonny said. "We wore green and gold. I guess green was for the money and gold was for the honey!"

Little Black Pearl's Founder Monica Halsip, who's program with Jordan's WINGS initiative gives children in Chicago an opportunity to express themselves through fashion designing, says the program gives children an alternative to the streets. “Whatever is happening out there in the community, doesn’t mean you have to choose that. You can choose another life if it is presented to you, and that’s what this partnership with Jordan Brand represents.”

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