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T-Tom: Paging John Fox! It’s time to swap Glennon for Trubisky

The Bears have been attempting to address their growing quarterback issues with an “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” approach, but I’m convinced it’s more of a “if it's broke, let’s ignore it and keep it moving” type of attitude. Or at least that’s the conclusion they are forcing us to draw with their flat out refusal to admit that their current starting quarterback, Mike Glennon, just might be the “huffest” quarterback on their roster.

Yes, the “huffest”.

For those of you who need a crash course in “The Bigs Lingo” allow me to assist you. “Huff”, is an adjective that describes a combination of the feeling of being underwhelmed and pissed-off all at once. In its simplest terms, “huff” can be a person, place or thing that is bad at what they do and after his 3 turnover performance in the Bears 29-7 loss vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 2 we can reach no other verdict. Mike Glennon is huff.

But don’t expect Head Coach John Fox to be as forthright. In his postgame press conference directly following Sunday’s defeat, he opted for a more inclusive take on who gets the blame for the L. “I don’t think there’s any way, even not even seeing the tape yet, that you can pin that on the quarterback. Like I said, everybody had their hand in that.”

No, Mike Glennon wasn’t the only culprit of the huff we witnessed Sunday. Rookie running back Tarik Cohen, who had the fanbase buzzing with excitement after his eye-opening debut in Week 1, took a step back after fumbling a first quarter punt that he had no business even fielding. The Bears wide receivers were missing in action and injuries have hit this team like it stole something. But nobody out-huffed Mike Glennon and as a result, the calls for rookie QB Mitch Trubisky to take over the reigns evolved into screams.

The wheels to the Bears season are already squabbling along with them owing an 0-2 record and with the 2-0 Steelers and habitual Bears killers( I can’t bring myself to call it a rivalry anymore) Green Bay Packers on deck in the coming weeks, the forecast seems to call for more turbulent weather. So it would be a safe bet to assume that Trubisky, the more important quarterback, the quarterback the Bears traded 4 draft picks to move up 1 spot for, would be inserted into the offense for Glennon, right?... Sike.

“No” said John Fox when he was asked if there would be a change at quarterback in Week 3 vs Pittsburgh. So if not now, then when should we expect the Trubisky era to start? “I don’t know if anybody has a crystal ball of when that is. I know I don’t and I’m here everyday.” explained Fox.

With answers like that, predictions on the Bears season are easy to make. Until John Fox admits that it’s time to swap Glennon for Trubisky, expect more meaningless, “huff” football from Mike Glennon and the Bears.


*Featured in Chicago Defender Newspaper*

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