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The Bear Down: John Fox talks the plan for Mitch in Preseason game #3

HALAS HALL-- While Bears fans are holding nothing back when it comes to letting it be known who they are rocking with to be their starting quarterback for this upcoming season, Head Coach John Fox has been taking a much more conservative approach saying he's just keeping it simple.

Heading into the all-important third preseason game, Fox said the main thing he'll be looking for vs the Tennessee Titans is "improvement". He touches on his expectations for preseason game #3 and more in this edition of The Bear Down!

What is Head Coach John Fox looking for from his 1st teamer's in this weeks dress rehearsal vs the Tennessee Titans?

Fox: Just improvement. I think we made that step from Week 1 to Week 2. Just to see us build on that would be good. The guys will get a little bit more play time. We started at 15 plays, then to 30 plays. You want to get at least 40 plays in before we start to prepare for Atlanta.

How has Mitch looked with the 1st team this week?

Fox: I think well. We evaluate him everyday no matter what group he's in just like we do everybody. We figured this would be his last chance to let him develop and evaluate him with first team people. So I think its pretty much common.

On the plan for Mitch in the 2nd half...

Fox: You can't say. I usually keep it basic especially for you guys as far as 1st quarter, the 2nd game is into the 2nd quarter and the last game is into the 3rd quarter.. If you look at the game last week we gave up a drive where they had the ball for 8 minutes so that effects it when you're timed based on who's got the ball. So I base it more on plays and really keep it simple.

On what rookie safety Eddie Jackson has done to earn the coaching staff's trust...

Fox: He's very football aware. I think he's got a good football IQ. He's ;earned our defense very quickly. He is a natural center fielder meaning he plays the ball very well. We were mentioning his return game and the fact that a lot of the attributes you look for in a football player, he has.

On wide receiver Kevin White's progression...

Fox: Kevin White has strung a lot of practices together. I see his improvement. He flashed at me this week.

For John Fox's full press conference following today's practice take a look at the video above!

The Bears take on the Tennessee Titans this Sunday at noon.



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