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"Mad Max" Scherzer gives The Bigs his all-time MLB squad

Eugene McIntosh caught up with Max Scherzer when the Mets were in town to face the Cubs to see which players he would choose for his All-Time MLB squad.

"Performing at the highest level provides a shot of adrenaline that few things can match." - Jacob Turner (9th overall pick in the 2009 MLB Draft by the Detroit Tigers)

In order to be the best of the best you have to be wired differently. Cue Max Scherzer.

His level of intensity, tenacity, focus, observation and preparation has taken "Mad Max" to levels few have reached in MLB's 146 year history and the 38 year old hurler looks like he has a few gallons of gas left in the tank. Now in year 14 in the bigs, Scherzer missed six weeks with a left oblique strain but has returned with a vengeance. In 14 starts for the New York Mets, he's 8-2 with a 1.93 ERA and 126 Ks in 102.2 innings pitched. The 3x Cy Young Award Winner and 8x All-Star is further cementing his legacy as a first ballot Hall of Famer. He's also a World Series champion (2019 with the Washington Nationals), led the league in wins 4x (2013,14,16,18) and is tied with Kerry Wood and Roger Clemens for most strikeouts in a game with 20. Not to mention his 3 yr/130 million dollar contract he signed with the Mets in December of 2021 has the largest average annual value in the history of the sport at 43.3 million per year. I caught up with him when the Mets were in town to face the Cubs to see which players he would choose for his all-time MLB squad.

Max it's a pleasure to catch up with you brother.

Scherzer: Yep no problem...thank you.

I've been asking players around the league for their all-time MLB squad and I'd like to hear it from Mad Max!

Scherzer: (laughs) This is the history of the game??


Hmmmm...first base I have to take my former teammate. He's the best one I've ever seen in my life and that's Miguel Cabrera. I think I'm ok saying that one.

Second base...that's a good one. Is that Rogers Hornsby a second baseman?

Indeed he was! (Hornsby started his career at shortstop in 1915 and rotated around the infield before settling in at second base in 1920)

He was really good so Hornsby at second. Shortstop...that's a tough one. I think Cal Ripken is up there. Third base you start thinking Mike Schmidt.

Catcher it's either Johnny Bench or Yadi Molina. Both are amazing.

I don't think you can go wrong either way...

Outfield you gotta have Willie Mays, Hank Aaron and I'm gonna say Mike Trout. He's the best I've ever seen.

Got you! Now give me your starter & closer...

Do I get to pick a starting rotation?

One starter and one closer!

Oh no you need more than that...

OK let's get it!

So if I had to pick five I'm taking Randy Johnson, Pedro (Martinez), Bob Gibson, Sandy Koufax and (long pause)...this one's always hard for me because

I can never decide which one do you take....Maddux or Smoltz.

If it's me I have to go with "The Professor" my guy Greg.

Yeah he was something else to watch. They way he could compete. He was special the way he could move the ball around. Closer it's Mariano Rivera no doubt.

Well thank you brother I appreciate that. I was expecting you to throw yourself in that starting rotation.

(laughs) No no no.

If it was my rotation you'd definitely be in there.

Thank you but that's why it's my rotation.

No doubt....thanks again.

Yep anytime.

*Eugene's All-Time Squad**

(LF) Barry Bonds (CF) Ken Griifey Jr (RF) Tony Gwynn (3B) Nolan Arenado (SS) Barry Larkin (2B) Roberto Alomar (1B) Frank Thomas (C) Ivan Rodriguez

Starting rotation- Randy Johnson, Dwight Gooden, Roger Clemens, Greg Maddux and either Scherzer or Fernando Valenzuela! Closer Lee Smith.


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