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G-Notes...The Bulls are off to the races but let's hold our horses

So now we're praising Zach Lavine for not being happy about the guys almost jagging their last game in Toronto against a team with no all-stars? Aight man...I know the Bulls have been trash for years and I applaud AK, Marc Eversley and the front office for the job they've done so far but let's be easy. 4-0 is GREAT, it's the best start since the beginning of the second 3-peat and you play the team that's in front of you but like DeMar DeRozan said Monday means absolutely nothing. There's so much to get better at and so much basketball in front of them.

They beat the Cade-less Pistons, twice, a Zion-less Pelicans squad & almost jagged against a Siakam-less Raptors team. There were a few lessons to be learned from this past Monday night's game coming down the stretch & Billy is gonna have some decisions to make when the team is fully healthy. These next few weeks will be a good indicator of where the guys are and where they're headed. The Knicks, Jazz, Sixers, Celtics, Lakers, Nets, Clippers, Nuggets, Mavs all await the Bulls in the coming weeks.

#TheBig4Nem are playing well together. There was a lot of "why get DeRozan" talk in the offseason. Well, he's proven over the years (and Monday night vs his former team) that he's built for the moment, and can take the pressure off of Zach Lavine with the game on the line. "It's something that I'm not shy of. I always want those moments and understand the magnitude of it," he said after his 26 point performance in the win over the Raptors

. After soaking up game from some of the league's best in China, its on Zach to ascend to the next level (on both ends of the court) especially with this talented group. He's shown he can score with the best of them and said "yall know I can get it going" after missing his first 5 shots against the Pistons then exploding for 20 points in the last 6 minutes of the second quarter. Now with a ligament tear in his left thumb (that happened when his thumb got caught in Fred Van Vleet's jersey), Lavine will try to play through it hoping it heals on it's own instead of missing the next 2 months. It's a sign of toughness that most leaders have to display at some point in time.


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