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Nothing Like Some Good Old Home Cooking

A 2-7 road trip to start the season definitely isn't the ideal start but I've been telling all my Cubs fans (and haters alike) to pump their brakes and take it easy. It's wayyy too early and entirely too much baseball left to play to start pressing the panic button. My message is simple...let's see what some good old home cooking can do! The Cubs brought it back to the crib Monday afternoon and beat the brakes off of the Pittsburgh Pirates scoring a 6 piece spicy with 2 outs in the 2nd inning en route to a 10-0 victory. NOTHING LIKE SOME GOOD OLD HOME COOKING!

#TheACE Jon Lester kicked off the 6 run inning after #DoubleD Daniel Decalso reached on an E6 and #JHey Jason Heyward was intentionally walked. "When asked his thoughts about the intentional pass to Heyward to face him..."wouldn't you? You've seen me hit the last 5 years." We all know Lester is the ultimate competitor and he took it personal as he doubled to the gap in left center scoring Descalso. #TheVet Ben Zobrist followed that with a single to right to score Heyward and Lester, #KBTheNatural Kris Bryant was hit by a pitch, #BigFolks Anthony Rizzo singled to center (off of pitcher Jameson Taillon's head) scoring Zo, #ELMago Javier Baez singled to score Bryant & Riz scored as #BamBam Kyle Schwarber reached on another E6 & throwing error on shortstop Kevin Newman. Schwarber also hit a 2 run bomb in the top of 4 to give the Cubs a 10-0 lead.

Lester left the game in the top of the 3rd due to a left hamstring injury that happened as he was running the bases. "It happened running. I didn't feel a pop or felt like more of a cramp. I feel ok now...I'll find out more tomorrow. As for now in my mind I'm making my next start." It was a good team win and nice way to kick off the 6 game home stand. "Overall it was an awesome day. The biggest thing for us is it's just good to be home. Sleeping in your own bed...going to your own locker...having our fans energy behind us instead of the opposing teams," Lester said.

Cubs President Theo Epstein stepped up to the plate and took the blame for the slow start but says the only thing that matters is what the guys inside of the clubhouse think. "I know the vibe outside but there's a lot of belief inside the clubhouse. Our guys are showing up ready to win everyday...we're just not getting the job done. The expectations are high & that's a privilege not a burden, he said. " He also thinks the "sense of urgency" narrative has been blown out of proportion. "This sense of urgency narrative has taken on a life of it's own. There's opportunity each and everyday to write your own script. Also there is no resource issue. We have more than enough to win. We'll turn this thing around."

The Cubs have an off day Tuesday then get right back to it (hopefully barring a rainout) on Wednesday evening as they will face the Pirates in game 2 of the 3 game set. First pitch is scheduled for 7:05 as Yu Darvish will be looking for his first win of the season.

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