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Another Ride On The South Side

South Side brass had high hopes for big name free agents to find their way onto the White Sox Opening Day roster...but instead they found themselves with broken hearts and hurt feelings when Manny Machado slipped through their grips and landed on the San Diego Padres. Yes, baseball free agency is a cruel SOB but on the other side of fans pain...was a glimmer of light. The wait for Eloy Jimenez's debut is officially over and the future is finally here for all of the South Side to see. With that said it's important to remember that the White Sox are still on the front end of a rebuild and counting wins for this young team is still a premature practice. If the guys can can stay away from another 100 loss season...I'll consider it a year of progress.

Check out our my short and sweet breakdown of some of the key players and front office members on the South Side...

Rick Hahn- We came, we saw, and we got embarrassed this off-season. Making sure Eloy was up for Opening Day is a step in the right direction…but COME ON JOE!

Kenny Williams- NEXT!

Jose Abreu- The #HWSIC just wants to play baseball man! He should be on the South Side for as long as he wants.

Tim Anderson- #TheDarkKnight. He’s the leader the South Side needs right now. I expect him to rise to the occasion.

Yoan Moncada- #YoanWantNoProblems has found a new home at third base on defense…he’ll find his way into the hearts of White Sox fans if he can start to live up to the hype at the plate…

Eloy Jimenez- #BeenReady….the future is now, kid. His English is a work in progress but I’m sure R.O.Y. will be real easy for him to pronounce…

Daniel Palka- #Juggernaut…you know why he’s here…the resident longball specialist.

Carlos Rodon-If his reign as the leader of this staff is to mean anything…the days of his bark being more vicious than his bite have to come to an end. I wouldn’t be surprised if this season is his best yet.

Reynaldo Lopez- He became a father over the offseason so he’s officially outgrown his “Young Bull” nickname. #ElTorro’s stuff is wicked…a 10+ win season would be a welcomed sight.

Lucas Giolito- The more his sample size grows the funnier he looks in the light. He needs his worst days to be behind him.

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