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CJ's Progress Report....3 up 3 down

CJ in his bag!

Carl Edwards Jr. v Cincinnati Reds 5/17/17

(8th inning)

*Jose Peraza (6 pitches- 1 ball 5 strikes) Fell behind in the count...fooled him with the curveball and got him looking.

Grade (A)

*Tucker Barnhart (5 pitches- 3 balls 2 strikes) Got ahead in the count...came back from 3-1 to get a ground out to 1st.

Grade (A-)

*Scooter Gennett (6 pitches- 2 balls 4 strikes) Got ahead in the count....challenged him with a 96 mph fastball and got him.

Grade (A).

Pitch Count - 17 pitches (11 strikes/6 balls)

Synopsis- 3 came....3 went. CJ had his stuff working as he got ahead of 2 of the 3 hitters with the first pitch strike. His hook was key early as he got Jose Peraza after he fouled off 3 fastballs. His fastball stuck at 96-97 mph and he challenged Scooter Gennett on a 2-2 count. Gennett couldn't do anything with it as he went down to end the inning. Edwards Jr is 1-0 with a 1.04 ERA....he's walked 7 and struck out 24 batters while giving up 2 hrs this year. Opponents have a .107 average against him. (6-56)

Overall Grade (A)

CJ is in his bag right long as he lets his arm do the talking I see BIG things in the near future. With the daily shuffling of the roster, he's looking like "Mr. Reliable" (along with #BigCountry Wade Davis) in the bullpen and the set up role should/could be his. I like the sound of CJ aka #3up3down.

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